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  1. Negan

    LFSPro Manual - Read Before Start

    FAQ Some questions are frequently asked on our forum or to our staff members. Due this, we planned this list below where you can see the FAQ and its answers. Q: Do I need to register o forum to use the LFSPro services? A: Yes. You need a user on the forum to access the master server, upload skins, join the chat on lobby and everything else, except the Discord. Q: How many skins can I upload? A: There's no specific answer. You receive 5 skin slots when you register on the forum. This number can increase according to the help you may provide to Admins, to how many posts you have made on the forum, if you are a donator, if you are a staff member, etc. Q: What are the dimensions allowed for skins? A: 512x512 and 1024x1024 for helmets, 1024x1024 and 2048x2048 to car skins. Different sizes wont be uploaded. Q: Will the skins be downloaded in 2048x2048? A: No, and it's due Live for Speed limitations. 2048 Skins are considered "too big" while downloading on Live for Speed. The highest resolution that your Live for Speed will download the Skins is 1024x1024. Q: What is the maximum size for a skin file? A: 1.5mb, and like dimensions, it's a limitation from Live for Speed. Q: What are the allowed extension for skins? A: Only JPG files will be accepted. DDS cannot be directly uploaded as a Skin, for example. PNG, GIF, BMP are not read by Live for Speed. Q: I got an error during Skin upload. What should I do? A: The system gives the information about what is wrong with your skin. But if you get a general error like "Error during upload" and you are sure that your skin size is according to allowed size (less than 1.5mb), the size is according to allowed sizes, the extension is in JPG, then send a message to Admins. They will check each case to know the error reason. Q: Can I share my skins on the forum? A: Yes. There's a "Skins" section on downloads page, where users can post their high definition skins, WIPs, PSDs, etc. Q: Do I need to use the LFSPro.exe (launcher)? A: Yes. At least once to system recognize your computer or everytime your IP changes. Q: Can I open a server on LFSPro using the game client? A: Yes, you can use the game client or the DCON. Q: My server is no appearing on the main list / My server is not working online. What should I do? A: There are few reasons for it. Check all of them below: Check if "/usemaster=yes" is in the "setup.cfg" file. If "usermaster" is set to "no", change it to "yes"; Check if you are using the correct DCON/Game Client. LFSPro has it own DCONs and Game Client; Disable all firewalls in your computer and router; Check the port forwarding on your router. It MUST point to the right computer on the network and to the same port of your server; Check for more routers on the network. Some internet providers have their own modem/router, where the player's router is connected. In this case, you must create the port forwarding rule on your router and on your internet provider's router. Due many brands and models, we cannot provide support to configure your router; Check if you opened ports using TCP and UDP protocols. Live for Speed uses both for connections, and allowing only TCP or only UDP may result in errors; Finally, some internet providers simply does not allow game servers (ports opening). In this case, you must contact the provider support. Q: My server is not appearing on list only for me. What should I do? A: It's a problem of your own internet provider/router/modem, which does not reply self requests. In this case, you can connect directly using server name.
  2. Negan


    You were banned from Discord.
  3. Negan


  4. Negan

    the credits do not work

    The voucher and eventual cash that you may received (if received) has been reset. You can try to use the voucher again. In case that you forgot the voucher, I just sent you a PM with its code.
  5. Negan

    the credits do not work

    What credits you mean? Or you mean that you converted Credits into Lp$ voucher on store?
  6. Negan

    Ban, intencional Crash

  7. Negan


    Good to see your apologize, but you will wait as all other players.
  8. Negan

    Conectando ao servidor principal

    Are you using the correct LFS.exe?
  9. Negan

    Kill/Rob Protection / Protecão Morte/Roubo

    It's already in the InSim. Players with less than 1000 Km on server cannot be robbed or killed. If I understood, you suggested to implement a kind of reaction system. It's already there and works "as in the real life". When someone points a gun to you, maybe sometimes you can react and sometimes not, and it's what the InSim do, reacting automatically when you have a chance considering the gun of both players (a pistol against a minigun isn't something good), ammo (you cannot shoot if you don't have ammo), health (reacting when you don't have armor and your HP is 5% isn't good as well).
  10. Negan


    Player "LuccasMartins" fined and banned for 7 days.
  11. Negan

    [XFG] Gol/Saveiro/Parati G3 gauges

    Cool If you wanna post your downloads on Downloads section, pm me
  12. Negan

    Sugestões :DDD

    For the first, makes no sense to call both players. First cause 99.9% of the cases are intentional crashes, hacks or swearing, and there are no reasons to act like this. Second because it can really delay the analysis, as I need to meet both players, in the same day, in the same time. Third, almost all players don't speak english, or at least an intelligible english. For the second suggestion, I made some changes to allow banned players to be able to purchase the Unban from store. Should be OK now and you will be rewarded for that.
  13. Negan

    Denuncia Howak e Chewe

    Player "Howak" and "Chewe" fined and warned.
  14. Negan

    Live for Speed 0.6R

    Version 0.6R


    Download of the Live for Speed 0.6R game files.
  15. Negan


    Player "DanielWaldraff" fined and warned.