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  1. Negan

    Ban for multi account

    3 accounts per computer, not per player. Your main account, ZxHuguinhoXz, will remain banned while the other accounts will be deleted automatically. Your accounts on Cruise will be deleted as well. Please consider taking a look on rules before playing. We don't like player who try to cheat us.
  2. Negan


    As the mentioned player didn't show us any proof of ownership, we decided to disband this team. Player "willianarmax" can contact me on Discord for further details.
  3. Gostaria de informar sobre uma manutenção programada para hoje (17 de agosto) das 13h às 18h (GMT +11). Essa manutenção afetará os servidores Launcher e LFSPro Cruise, o que não estará disponível. Essa manutenção é preparar o host para a nova atualização. Quando terminarmos, a atualização do Insim ainda não estará disponível.
  4. I'd like to inform you about a scheduled maintenance for today (August 17) from 1pm to 6pm (GMT +11). This maintenance will affect the Launcher and LFSPro Cruise servers, what will be unavailable. This maintenance is to prepare the host for the new update. When we finish, the Insim update won't be available yet.
  5. Negan


    I already identified the problem and it will be corrected on next update. Player was rewarded by pm.
  6. Negan

    Semaforo Bugado

    Under investigation.
  7. Negan

    Crash Mod And Layout

    We only check reports from LFSPro servers.
  8. Many of these suggestions were done already by other players. Also, this thread is in the wrong section. Closed.
  9. Negan


    Already suggested. Closed.
  10. Negan


    Already suggested on Cruise section. Closed.
  11. Negan

    EU/ASIAN/US Servers

    Most of the players are brazilian. Unfortunately we cannot pay for a new server only to decrease the ping for few players. Maybe in the future, when we have more players from europe/middle east.
  12. Negan

    IDEIAS PARA SEU BOT (discord)

    We added few things from this idea, with some changes. Player was rewarded.
  13. Negan

    feedback da comunidade

    We have places for suggestions and discuss where players can already give their option, feedback, make questions and explain their point of view.
  14. Negan

    Ajuda ao novatos

    We have tutorial, help, discussion and rules section that already explain most of the questions. No.
  15. Your ban ends August 18. Your other accounts were deleted. If you start a new thread to appeal and/or create new accounts, you will be permanently banned.