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  1. bug pneu

    Case is under investigation.
  2. Tickets da roleta

    Case is under investigation.
  3. Bug nos pits da Aston

    Due to missing of files to prove, thread is being closed.
  4. Bug - Acidente

    Due to missing .mpr file, thread is being closed.
  5. Rick Matando sem motivo nenhum El1te Rafael

    Cops cannot rob players and it's blocked by the insim. About cops killing, it depends of situations. As in real life we have "bad" cops, we can agree to have it also in the Cruise. The exception, as happened with Theus, is about abusing. We are ok to see the cop trying to kill a couple players and ignore it, but Theus for example, tried to kill more than 40 players in a single day. Cops were adviced to avoid killing, but they are free to kill in some situations as a part of the game.
  6. Descapotando com resgates Online

    Player "Wuesllemrenato" fined in Lp$20000.
  7. Alerta de Colisao

    This is how it's supposed to work.
  8. [ajuda] venda de carros

    Tthere are no logs for him on past days, even before the update. Não há logs para ele nos últimos dias, mesmo antes da atualização.
  9. [ajuda] venda de carros

    You paid to sell and there are no more sites to buy? What you mean? Please write without slangs, cause it does not make any sense to me.
  10. nao consigo jogar onlineçar/&tab=comments#comment-2152
  11. Blackwood

    Because we have only few players on server, when blackwood is on. Porque temos apenas alguns jogadores no servidor, quando o Blackwood está ligado.
  12. Ban BrunoVicoso

    Player "BRUNOVICOSO" fined in Lp$10000.
  13. Gasolina

    Gasoline system still in BETA. We are aware of all bugs and we are working to fix them.
  14. Bug com o colete.

    It's not a bug. Armors can be bought using coins/real money, and won't be fair to lose it in an accident.
  15. SDT¬SrFast colisão/tweak

    Player "FastKill" had his account reset and banned for 7 days. Player "kenner12" rewarded with 10 Coins.