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  1. Howard

    My cruise menu

    Hello, the same thing happens to me
  2. Howard

    LFSPro Histories

    Yesterday in the test :v
  3. Howard

    LFSPro Histories

    :'v http://via Imgflip Meme Generator
  4. Howard

    Payment IPVA

    Nobody will answer?
  5. Howard

    Payment IPVA

    Good day. Yesterday afternoon I went to the cruise server, I'm making deliveries and I got to Detran / DMV, there I mistakenly paid the ipva, but I did not notice. When I'm in the bank I lack money. I check in !account and the debits option, it appears that I have paid + 171k. I would like a response since in the announcements, they say that they will not charge the ipva until May 30.
  6. Howard

    Cruise Tweak

    Problem with cruise tweak, I activate it but it keeps expelling me from the server, and I see several players happen to him. HELP please
  7. Howard

    Rented Cars

    Thanks for answering So, what is the point of renting a high-end car? If they will fine you for not having the correct license. Example, I rent the FZR because I do not have enough money to buy it (sometimes it takes a bit of emotion that a GTR can offer) and I do not have the necessary reputation to buy the license either.
  8. Howard

    Rented Cars

    Do the rented cars need a license? To drive a FZR must I have the C license? Can I be fined for the wrong license?
  9. Howard

    Report BRENNO

    The user BRENNO touched me intentionally when I was at the traffic light to get to the hospital. I'm waiting for the green light but he touched me when the pedestrian came crossing in front of me and they took me off the track to get to the restricted area http://www.mediafire.com/file/2gs225qknnsapa3/report_brenno.mpr See BRENNO from the 40th minute
  10. Howard

    Race Bug at BlackWood

    Ye ye, it's true, and the worst thing was that the system did not return money or rep to each one equally. There must be a bug in the map because in the other it works well
  11. Howard

    UCL Help!

    Sorry again, the car appeared after a while for my relief
  12. Howard

    UCL Help!

    I had 2 FZ5 in hand, and I only wanted to sell 1 for the Used Car Lot, the 2 for 83k were published but I did not want to sell the 2, then I clicked buy in one of them and he told me that he had withdrawn the UCL car, but I did not receive the car or money. Help please D: Sorry, I was wrong in the text version, and I do not know how to eliminate the above publication
  13. Howard

    UCL Help!

    Yo tenía 2 FZ5 en la mano, y solo queria vender 1 por el Used Car Lot, se publicaron los 2 por 83k pero yo no queria vender los 2, entonces le di click a buy en uno de ellos y me dijo que habia retirado el auto del UCL, pero no recibi el auto ni dinero. Help please D:
  14. Howard

    Warning Stage

    Ok but then there is an error in !items because yesterday I left it stored and today says that it is equipped
  15. Howard

    Warning Stage

    No, that is the warning point. I refer to the warning stage. And something just happened to me. I have the gun and it says it's stored, but they still got me. It's not understood