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  1. Hello, when i go to Valentim terra (for example) to try to do a quest, Valentim doesn't say anything about a mission no matter what i say "yes/mission/quest", i thought that trying again later will maybe fix it, but whenever i try to get a mission, this problem happens, is this common? also, i'm pretty sure that i didnt finish the quests, for example i didnt do the allahu akbar mission (xd) help me!
  2. Blurem

    Watch this

    lmao you stupid bluerak, what are you even trying to do? get attention? here: https://imgur.com/gallery/6ptMP
  3. Hello, so i bought the gun carrying licence and head hunter licence from city hall, when i went to game, it said "You Spent 600k from bank account", head hunter= 500k + gun carrying= 100k, insim only said "you recieved Head Hunter licence" and didnt say anything about gun carrying, is there any problem?
  4. Blurem

    How do i fully tune my RB4

    ello? no one replying?
  5. Blurem

    Taxi Licence

    Check your profile in the forum and see if you actually own the licence. Did you download and select taxi skin? (e.g: UF1_PROTAXI) Also, Did you put [TAXI] tag (yellow colour) behind your name in the game? Good Luck!
  6. Blurem

    How do i fully tune my RB4

    How do i get the highest HP possible from gearhead and bravo outlaid? i want to tune it properly without messing anything up.
  7. Blurem

    LFSPro Histories

    lmao what? i didnt get it, DESCULPEEE
  8. Blurem

    Google Run

    i wondered about that too, what will we do???
  9. Blurem

    There is apparently a problem in gas refuelling..

    i'm still unable to refill
  10. I'm unable to get gasoline for my car, i tried refilling 5 times, still not refuelling, tried restarting game, tried refuelling, still nothing, even tried calling a rescuer to refuel, there is no gas entering the car. what is going on?? i can't drive my rb4 because it's out of gasoline..
  11. I bought rb4 sti from autonation. but for some reason, i didn't get its hp (which is 325hp), instead, im getting 243hp. what can i do?
  12. Blurem

    gasolina e ucl

    UCL will come soon, wait for a respond for staff to know exactly when it will come back exactly.
  13. Blurem

    Bug bônus seguro/Bug Safety Bonus

    video is down
  14. oh and i forgot to say, nitrous bar is showing. and about the taxi timer, suddenly, it got stuck at 38, it happend even with kevinracer
  15. Hello, now that i unlocked "Bravo Outlaid", i bought nitrous and everything went good, until i tried to press the nitrous key (I set it right, which is the D button). i don't know what to do. https://imgur.com/a/CoUpj8e