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  1. Blurem

    Help me

    You have to enable Cruise Tweak via launcher! Open launcher > click the steering wheel button > click "Enable Cruise Tweak" wait for it to become green > Enjoy!
  2. Blurem

    Forum navigation

    you meant a "Refresh" Button? if yes, it would be a good thing, i agree. +1
  3. Blurem

    Someone gives me clan in lfs

    ask someone who has joined the clan to let the owner invite you
  4. Blurem


    You had either: 1-Pending IPVA (car taxes) 2-Pending Fines Try to be more careful next time, your car CAN NOT be restored, Cops can't seize cars or fine players without a reason!
  5. Blurem

    Policial [PT/BR] / Cop [Eng]

    He is a cop already.
  6. Blurem

    Intentional crashing at LfsPro Drift

    hmm, this is some bad english, welp. why no one seen the report? (i meant the staff)
  7. Blurem

    cruise tweak bug

    It seems that everything is ok, could you post a screenshot of your main LFS folder?
  8. Blurem

    cruise tweak bug

    One question, did you enter your Username and password in the launcher? also, do you run it as administrator?
  9. Blurem


    you've got to get the tuning licence, which costs 300k, and you also need 2000 Reputation Points, you can get them by posting, clean job, be good in the server. etc i prefer clean job since its the most efficient way to get RP
  10. Blurem


    Do you share your account with someone else?
  11. Blurem

    Criação de empresas.

    This feature is (probably) not finished.
  12. Blurem

    CrashMod LFSPRO Drift.

    I just saw the replay and i can confirm, Player "DSA" is using a Crash mod when he crashed with you, DSA's car didn't get damaged! Wait for "Negan" Or "Loitruks" to do something about this situation.
  13. Blurem

    Policial prende meu carro pela 2°

    Cops* can't seize cars without a reason
  14. Blurem

    Policial prende meu carro pela 2°

    Did you pay your pending fines at City hall? cop can't seize cars without a reason.
  15. Blurem

    LFSPro Histories