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  1. KevinRacer

    2 "my cruise" buttons

    There are 2 my cruise buttons on the top part of the website, is it a bug or no? All thr rest is shown by clicking on "more". https://www.mediafire.com/file/bc45x5u9n6db7tg/S81216-22230580.jpg
  2. KevinRacer

    My cruise bug (?)

    My cruise > my account > general overview
  3. KevinRacer

    My cruise bug (?)

    Hello a bit ago i realised that in my cruise, if i click on general overview, nothing shows while if i click bank, cars ecc... They do work. https://www.mediafire.com/file/v9u2f788773mjun/S81209-16032870.mp4 heres a recording
  4. KevinRacer

    News / Novidades

    I can't react xdd the button doesn't appear to me ;- ;
  5. KevinRacer

    Report Mafia arthur and week

    Player: reported player / jogador reportado : ExTrupicio and vitor3553 Situation / Situação: what happened / o que aconteceu : while i was chasing a guy from their team, they crash me to basically destroy my car and leave the chase. As an excuse they said that it was my fault since i braked, and they were even saying "sorry" later. MPR: http://www.mediafire.com/file/19qh6934pt1xc9o/report_mafia.mpr/file Time / Tempo: First crash from vitor3553 at pits : 51.45.00 you can crealy see form his view that he accellerates to the exit after the the friend passing to block me and make me crash and then say "reportado" thinking that the blinker makes him the victim. From that time to 54.10.00 the suspect goes back and forward on the straight to wait his friends vitor3553 and ExTrupicio. At 54.22.00 ExTrupicio almost rear ends me. At 54.52.00 you can see vitor3553 in my mirror waiting for the final crash. At 55.06.00 the suspect brakes to make vitor3553 rear end me, that because so vitor could use the excuse "you braked man" later thinking that i'm dumb enough to believe that it was not intencional. Here a screenshot of the chat after i saved the mpr : http://prntscr.com/lqo422 you can see that vitor was acting like the victim. I hope that further actions will be applied to these guys... P.s. i left the chase even though, i think, i could actually continue it. I did that because I was really pissed and also sure that if I would've continued they probably would have continued crashing me. Also the suspect's car condition at that point was way better than mine. Sorry for that mistake from me but, again I was really pissed and I wanted to report them asap...
  6. KevinRacer

    LFSPro Histories

    Literally every 2006 Brasilian in discord (lol)
  7. KevinRacer

    LFSPro Histories

    Also true
  8. KevinRacer

    LFSPro Histories

    Hahaha tru- > This player has been banned
  9. KevinRacer

    LFSPro Histories

    YoU aRe nOt dOinG wHat yOu'Re sUpPosEd tO dO ._ . I like the coerence with that lol
  10. KevinRacer

    LFSPro Histories

    ;- ;
  11. KevinRacer

    LFSPro Histories

    VoUsE è RiPurTado >:v
  12. KevinRacer

    Pneus Bugados

    Hello today in cruise, out of nothing, my front tires deflated while i was going at 200 kph making me unable to brake causing a crash with the roundabout. Also the rescue i called after the crash (bricioBR_159) has had his front tires deflate aswell. MPR: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0t3pk533z2lh35p/tyre_bug.mpr/file It happens at 23.10.00 (seconds after)
  13. KevinRacer

    Sobre O Jogo No Cruise :)

    Tem que clicar em "LFSPro cruise" ai no Launcher e ai dps clica em Cruise Tweak
  14. KevinRacer

    LFSPro Histories