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  1. Discord Channel only for english

    Ye, not such a bad idea. I agree
  2. Lost coins '-'

    Today i watch my stats and guess what ? 0 coins ? I remember i had 70 before the update and never spent them. Any explanation ? ,_.
  3. Lost ammos

    Hello today i joined for the first time in the cruise after the update, i got pulled over and it said that i got illegal items that were the ammos, i said to the cop that i didn't knew that and he released me without giving fine and giving me permission to go and deposit. When i reach the deposit it says that i did not have any ammo. So i lost 600+ ammos.
  4. Blocker/crasher in LFSpro drift #1 in drift.mpr The guy is GuiZin, that from 15.48.00 parks in a spot and starts crashing or moving forward to make other players crash. I told him to stop but he said that he's just scaring others.
  5. LFSPro Histories

    I don't know what happened with previous post lol.
  6. LFSPro Histories



    Supernada doesn't use crash mod, the problem is that, having an high ping touching someone is like a crash. His ping jumps from 210 ms to also 2secs sometimes.
  9. bug inatividade

    I think he means that when you call tow, while waiting you get afk spec. I'm not sure about that.