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  1. ZxHuguinhoXz

    My fault....

    As i accepted The_Street_Killer apologizes, after he talk about my mom, i expect that you apoligize me too ;_;
  2. ZxHuguinhoXz

    My fault....

    Hello Negan , i'm here to apoligize what i did, i was distracted when comeback i only have seen the another guy hitting me. I didnt find the user there i crashed, but if you listening ''marquesr7'' im sorry for what happaned and i free to pay you by this incident. The last times there i were banned doesnt be that good.I get the point and the lesson. Please unban me negan.
  3. ZxHuguinhoXz

    LFSPro Discord

    Quando tento entrar no discord do lfspro com o link instantâneo aparace convite expirado. https://prnt.sc/jkrcv9 O meu colega me falou que era banimento. Podiam me desbanir porfavor????
  4. ZxHuguinhoXz

    My ban

    Yesterday i get banned an fined for crashing. I dont know if negan watched MPR thats not my business. But i'm here to explain what happened and ask for Negan apoligizse me (unban). So, http://prntscr.com/jj1hc3 What happened is, LeoB was going on front of me, he was acelerating so i keep acelerating too, but from nothing he just braked all, without light signals, so i didnt know what he wanted to do, but i braked all too but i couldnt avoid this accident and i want to you guys see there im not the faulty. 2nd http://prntscr.com/jj1ik9 The guy on my front was coming back and i didnt see that he were coming back by fault of eazy there were going in wrong way and crashed him. Obviusly i was thinking there he were going straight on but slower. So when i get closer he just come back and crashed me like 80Kmh and i didnt expect there he were going back you know? I didnt crash on porpouse ._. So im asking for Negan understand my point, and if watch replay and put in my position... I just didnt expect this. If you Negan have seen my point im asking you for an um ban please. Ta , Hugo
  5. ZxHuguinhoXz

    Bug of Market items

    As you guys know the market bugged, and i bought a ammo there (nitro express) and lost my minigun by that. And Mr.Negan removed my nitro And now im without any ammo..... Mr.Negan could you give me my minigun back please? (money of the bought nit
  6. ZxHuguinhoXz

    Bug Arma sumindo no cruise

    Comprei uma nitro tb , graças a isso perdi a minha minigun e agr não tenho nenhuma das 2
  7. ZxHuguinhoXz

    Transport Company Auction / Leilão de Transportadora

    Cancel my bid plss
  8. ZxHuguinhoXz

    Transport Company Auction / Leilão de Transportadora

    xarizardy give up of his bid. Thats why i said 10.350.000 BID: LP$10.500.000
  9. ZxHuguinhoXz


    15 dias (até 29 de maio)
  10. ZxHuguinhoXz

    Carros Usados: Situação?

  11. ZxHuguinhoXz

    Carros Usados: Situação?

    hhhhhhhhhh I was sein a thing and sold my tuned fxo ._. can u gimme back negan?
  12. ZxHuguinhoXz

    Carros Usados: Situação?

    Fechado para resolver alguns bugs.
  13. ZxHuguinhoXz

    Ajudando Em Perseguiçao

  14. ZxHuguinhoXz

    Bug of UCL

    But i tunned him and paid for tuning. I had got 12.2kk and know im 11.7kk by that. I only spend didnt recive nothing of the tuning. You know?
  15. ZxHuguinhoXz

    Bug of UCL

    The seller put the car for 500k because it was already tuned/for no one rob. After spending 500K+ tunning the car i sell im for 400k because i didnt pay nothing. If i paid 500k i have to put 900k (500K (tuning) + 500K (bought) ) So i paid anything, the car were for free thats why i sell im for 500K or 400K.